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EcoCamp makes a concerted effort to benefit our local community in as many ways as we can, including practicing "localism" in our buying and hiring practices, and partnering with local organizations dedicated to cultural and environmental preservation in Torres del Paine.

Local products

  • All food is bought from nearby farm suppliers who sell products such as eggs, meat, cheese, dried fruit, grain, marmalade and bread in addition to buying fruit & vegetables from local vendors.
  • Horses are hired from local ranch owners and most handicrafts and decoration are purchased from local artisan markets
  • We ensure a fair price is paid for all goods by buying directly from the farmer or fisherman etc wherever possible.
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Local staff

  • 90% of all staff employed are from the local region - the majority from Puerto Natales and some from the regional capital city of Punta Arenas.
  • Staff receive regular in-house training throughout the season, with many progressing to a higher position the following season. 
  • EcoCamp offers competitive wages (all staff receive above Chilean minimum wage and are compensated for living away from their families etc. during the season) and guarantees very good living conditions including good quality food, comfortable sleeping quarters and regularly scheduled days off.
  • All staff have indefinite contracts, complying with legal requirements for pension funds and medical care, and seasonal staff are given a month’s notice before the termination of their contract at the season’s end.

Supporter of the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund 

EcoCamp is proud partner of the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund. As a partner to the Fund we also ask our guests to make a contribution if they want to. 100% of your donation will be used to enhance the experience and long-term health of Torres del Paine and its surrounding communities as tourist destinations through projects that improve the environment, the community, and the tourism product of the region!

Support Torres del Paine Legacy Fund / Sea un apoyo para nuestors proyectos! Contribuya ahora!