It’s almost impossible to imagine. Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail....the list goes on and on and on. It’s 2019 and we are living in a world that craves constant, nonstop connection. It’s a little ironic because in a way, our newfound sense of connection often times has the opposite effect. You go out to dinner and spend half the time texting. You are standing at a spectacular landmark and looking at it through your camera lens. You are celebrating a milestone and uploading it to Instagram. Every second of every moment is being captured  online and this causes people to lose sight of the real, living world around them.

Nowadays living in the moment can be tough, but it is completely doable. At our hotel EcoCamp Patagonia, we want to help you disconnect from wifi and reconnect with your surroundings. 



1. Turn Off Your Electronics

The first and most important step: turn off your cell phone. While you are at it, also turn off your computer, tablet, Apple watch or whatever other electronic you are connected with too. This is key! Internet and phone addiction are very real. In fact, studies show that an average person looks at his/her cellphone at least 110 times a day!  The only way we can break the vicious internet cycle is by cutting it off for a while.

Turn Off Your Electronics Photo Credit: John Karakatsanis


2. Go Outside

Getting into nature can be an eye-opening experience. It’s a chance to really see the world and what makes it so beautiful. Many of us live in cities or towns and don’t have a chance to admire natural landscapes and scenery often. Going on a hike or kayaking on the water really allows us to interact with nature in a new way. We can admire new vegetation, look for wildlife and just enjoy the outdoor energy.

Go outside EcoCamp


3. Sign up a Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Participating in yoga or meditation is a great way to clear your head. We all deal with stress and daily problems, which oftentimes can be difficult to manage in a healthy way. Redirect your energy and seek a positive method to deal with stress. A great way to fully refresh and rejuvenate is on a multi-day retreat. Read why it is beneficial.Yoga and Meditation retreat EcoCamp


4. Talk to Someone Different

Talking with somebody from a different country or background is a great way to gain some perspective. It makes us less naive and more culturally aware of new places in the world. At EcoCamp, we understand this and always try to encourage new friendships and interactions at the hotel. We love community mealtimes and our no wifi policy because it helps bring people together in a new way!

Talk to someone EcoCamp


5. Dive into a New Culture

The world is made up of 195 countries and so many more cultures. Visiting a new country and taking time to learn about its people, customs and traditions, helps us connect with a different part of the world. It’s also a chance to pick up a new language, a skill which is beneficial for the brain and allows for new social interactions. In Patagonia, we try to keep our visitors at EcoCamp informed about the indigenous cultures from the region. One culture we are particularly inspired by are the Kaweskar. Learn more about this unique group here.Patagonia Culture

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