This past September EcoCamp Patagonia opened its doors for its 22nd season. We were absolutely thrilled to welcome travelers and adventurers from all over the globe.

The weather was quite thrilling too! Locals say it´s the most snow they have seen in the last 10 years. 

With the beauty of the crystalized snowflakes landing over the iconic Chilean National Park, this without doubt will be one of the most remembered opening seasons of them all. Even though September is the month in which we welcome the wild patagonian flora, a blanket of snow persistently landed over the Patagonian ferocious mountains, its enchanting lakes and its untamed land. 

Here are 5 epic moments we could appreciate this past September staying at one of the furthermost ecological dome hotels in the world.

1. Epic scenery at Torres Base trek

Epic scenery at Torres Base trek

Torres Base trek is one of the most famous trails of the park, it's long and a tough 24 km (15 mi) trek.  In the high season it's a highly transited trail, however with the snow, it showed itself to be more of a challenge and a completely different experience. Due to the weather conditions, there were less people on the trail. Guests had to be far more prepared than usual, as the icy trail was tricky at times. Luckily, thanks to good equipment and knowledgeable guides, it was gracefully achievable. The hike was mostly quiet and surrounded by white noise. Also accompanied by a wonderful white blanket that covered the forest and it´s rocky pathway. On top of the trek, you get to experience the majestic scenery of the three distinguished granite peaks of the Paine mountain range, the famous Torres del Paine peaks. 

2. The Hotel domes hiding under layers of snow

The Hotel domes hiding under layers of snow

The snow covered domes portrayed a picturesque winter wonderland painting. As It was taken out of a fairy tale. The snowy domes are rarely seen by our guests, as they usually hide under the snow in the winter months (June, July, August), dates in which Ecocamp Lodge is closed.

3. Spotting the King of Patagonia was slightly easier than usual (not that is ever easy)!

See the Puma Patagonia was slightly easier than usual

The Kings and Queens of Patagonia, our famous Pumas, have a brown furry coat that helps them camouflage around the Torres Del Paine prairies. The feline was much easier to be seen by our visitors since it was harder for the clever mountain lion to hide under the bleached landscape.

4. Nature's Colors, Textures and Contrasts in the midst of the Patagonian white Space

Laguna Amarga under the snow

By nature, sunlight spreads out through the particles of the cold air which ends up being reflected on the snow. Creating a dreamlike symphony of colors as the sun rises and the same spectacle is given as it says goodbye, welcoming the crispy and breathtaking starry night time.

5. A wonderful team of passionate people

EcoCamp Patagonia team

While some team members came back for another season in our favorite place on Earth, some new passionate members joined the staff. We are proud to work with passionate people who truly care about sustainability and who are dedicated to offering the most memorable experience to travelers from all over the world. Here’s the first 2023/24 season EcoCamp group picture!

Here is to a mesmerized, adventurous, unexpected and extroverted new 2023/2024 season! Fancy a trip to Torres del Paine? Check out our tours!

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