Whoever traveled as far as Patagonia – the southernmost tip of the Americas – knows how going that far may be a hassle. The weather is unpredictable. And when I say unpredictable, I mean it: having 4 seasons a day is usual. However, it doesn’t mean you should bring 3 suitcases and 5 pair of shoes with you. If you’re well prepared with some good knowledge of the region you’re traveling to, you’ll be able to take advantage of the space in your suitcase while avoiding bad surprises.

Also, Patagonia is huge. This vast area divided between Chile and Argentina is full of hidden spots so studying a map won’t be enough. Luckily, we at Cascada Expediciones produced some high quality videos answering all of your answers. Even though you may not be traveling yet (we know there is a pandemic going on), now is a great time to get ready for your upcoming trip.

Enjoy them – We hope to see you soon in Patagonia!


1. When is the best time to visit Torres del Paine National Park?

The crown jewel of Patagonia – located in Chile’s Magallanes Region – is known for its spectacular landscapes and elusive fauna. But it is less known for its unpredictable weather conditions. No worries; this video explains everything!



2. What to bring to Patagonia?

Travel to Patagonia without forgetting anything: this is the ultimate guide to bring the clothes and accessories you need for an epic trip at the end of South America.


3. Where should I go?

This is our ultimate list of places you can visit with us. It adds awesome destinations in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia, but includes the best places you will see at “the world’s end”.


4. What should I do?

When it comes to Patagonia, it’s usually easier to choose destinations rather than activities. And it’s true there is just too much you can do. Here, you can do some of the world’s best multiday treks, epic horseback rides, river kayaking and wild day hikes in one same trip, but this video will definitely help you decide. It includes other destinations in the continent but has a great focus on Patagonia.


Bonus: What makes EcoCamp Patagonia a sustainable hotel?

Because if you’re reading this, we assume you should travel to EcoCamp Patagonia, the world’s first geodesic dome hotel located in the wilds of Torres del Paine National Park. And wherever you go, we are convinced choosing sustainable places to stay is an amazing thing to do when it comes to travel. EcoCamp Patagonia has been working hard to decrease its footprint on the environment and support the local culture and community: learn how with this complete video.

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