For most photographers, Patagonia is a must-do. Every time you visit the “Far South” there is something new happening, whether it has to do with the peculiar wildlife, the changing landscapes or the mystic skies. Colors and lights are constantly changing, hence the fact every single photography is unique. But the weather conditions are not easy and nature photography is not only about shooting a beautiful place or animal; it has to do with the art of creating a shot that’s alive. And because at EcoCamp we love photography (we even have our own resident photographer!), we decided to create a selection of our favorite pictures of Torres del Paine National Park in 2019. A hard task, but a great way to celebrate our favorite place through our favorite art. Happy New Year 2020!

1. EcoCamp Patagonia, One Week Before Christmas


A sunrise at 5:30am near our Welcome Dome to welcome Summer. Isn’t it a nice way to end 2020?


2. “Madre e Hija” (Mother and Daughter)

In the animal world, there is something fascinating in the relation between a mother and the cubs. And this shot of a mother Puma and her cub (about 10-month old) is just a great to sum it up.


3. Mystic Sunrise


An 8-hour hike through the mountains of Torres del Paine always has a reward, especially if you reach the viewpoint at sunrise.


4. Blue Like Grey



The icebergs you can see at Grey Lake do have something special.


5. Early Morning, Pehoe Lake


Pehoe Lake may just be the most photogenic spot in the National Park, especially at sunrise.


6. Autumn in Torres del Paine


Autumn is the most colorful time of the year, especially around mid-April when this shot as taken.


7. Nights in the South


The long nights in Autumn and Winter are a great opportunity for stargazers to chase the Milky Way. Extraordinary nights in the south!


8. Riding in the Far South




Patagonia is a dream destination for horseback riders and this is the reason why.


9. Land of the Mighty Horse



While these are not wild horses, wild horse (feral horses, really – also called “Baguales” in Patagonia) can be found in a private reserve inside the national park.


10. Laguna Azul Awakening



Sunrise tones are the definition of “Epic”, making every sunrise a masterpiece.

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