Did you know that you can find a massage room at EcoCamp? The name of our massage dome "Man Keokén" is inspired by the language of Patagonia's original people, the Aónikenk, and means "the cave where the sun rises".

With a massage among the mountains, you will totally relax, so it’s definitely something to put on your bucket list!


Enjoy a massage tailored to your needs

hand massage

As the name indicates, "Man Keokén" is based on the concept of awakening light from darkness. Our professional masseuse brings that idea into practice by offering three types of massage (relaxation, tissue and muscle, and localized) that will quickly make you feel reborn. Enveloped in the aroma of natural oils like coconut and the warmth of hot stones, you will find yourself immersed in a state of pure relaxation.


Let your body and mind relax

massage dome

A massage has many positive effects on your body and mind. It lowers your stress level and improves your sleep quality and blood circulation. A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience even revealed that you produce more dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone, after a massage. And what could be better than having your sore muscles disappear after a few days of hiking?


Feel the healing power of Torres del Paine

hiker Torres del Paine

Let the massage do its full work by immersing yourself in the nature of Patagonia. The fresh air, wind, and breathtaking landscapes are the perfect backdrop to feel zen. From EcoCamp you can join our guided hikes or embark on a puma tracking adventure.


Disconnect in an oasis of calm

yoga dome

A wellness moment during your trip gives you the opportunity to escape the daily grind and focus your attention on self-care and well-being. In addition to massage therapy, you can take yoga classes twice a day in our dedicated yoga dome.

To further encourage disconnecting, EcoCamp intentionally remains Wi-Fi-free. We therefore believe that a digital detox enhances well-being and encourages encounters between travelers. After all, isn't gazing at the mountains more captivating than staring at a screen?


Totally in the mood for a massage or stay at EcoCamp? Discover our range of activities and accommodation options


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