As July comes to a close, our thoughts begin turning to the end of winter which lies tantalizingly close. It’s not just the warmer weather that makes us excited - this September 8th sees EcoCamp reopen for the 2018/2019 season and we can’t wait! Here’s all the latest Patagonia news from down our way - enjoy!


What We've Been Watching

We have been loving our recent appearance on The Points Guy - check out this video of EcoCamp below:


What We're Been Reading

Hiking the Huemul Circuit - Patagon Journal

The Andean Condors 100km Diet  -Hakai Magazine

Patagonia with Kids: Family Travel Made Doable - Cascada Travel

New Species of Pterasaur Discovered - E-Science News

Stepping into the Back Country of Bariloche, Argentina - The Cultureist


What We've Been Talking About

Our number one hiking must-have ... the BUFF!

This snazzy little improvement on the humble bandana is probably already stashed in your day bag but if it isn't you might want to think about adding it. This budget-friendly, lightweight, and versatile fabric can be a scarf, neck warmer, bandana, face mask, sun guard, hood, scrunchie, hair band, plus you can always use it to wipe up spills or wet it to cool you down.


What We're Been Doing

Inclusive Travel

We've been busy making our new Adventure is for All documentary which chronicles our efforts to make travel more inclusive in Patagonia. Did you know that EcoCamp has a specially designed wheelchair that will allow you to trek into the heart of Torres del Paine? This chair is available to anyone who needs it, and if you have other requirements please just let us know so we can help to make your trip come true.



Winter Trekking

We've also been photographing up a storm in Patagonia as the wintery weather descends. Did you know that winter trekking is being called the new frontier for trekkers to cross? This is when you can experience places like Torres del Paine National Park all to yourself, with less wind than summer and more chances of spotting some seriously unique fauna. Check out some of our favorite shots below (and let us know your top pick).

Photo: Mauro Marianeschi @argentinaonthego
Patagonia Mauro Marianeschi @argentinaonthego
Mauro Marianeschi @argentinaonthego

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