Photo: Pedro Paredes

EcoCamp & Cascada Expediciones have taken home the PURE Award for Transformational Travel for the second year running. This year we were recognized for our work promoting inclusive travel while in 2017 we were lauded for the opening up of the Dientes Circuit, the world’s southernmost trek on Navarino Island.


What Does Transformational Travel Mean?

EcoCamp Wins Pure Award

The Adventure Travel Association reports that transformation is the key drive behind adventure travel in 2018.  With this in mind, we felt that the exhilaration that comes with immersing oneself in Patagonia, plus the camaraderie of small-group travel, equaled an experience that we wanted available to all. In 2017 EcoCamp brought Alvaro Silberstein of the Chilean inclusive travel business, Wheel the World, to explore Torres del Paine - the first disabled visitor to do so. In January 2018 we then trekked with Jake Hytken around the Park in our uniquely-designed wheelchair, followed by a group of visually impaired guests.

In the words of Jake, this was the chance ¨to get up in something that I never get up in¨ and visit a place where ¨life takes more precedence than construction.¨  Our guides also received in-depth training. Jake admitted that he ¨felt lost amongst the grandness of the world¨ and that having the opportunity to get close to things allowed him to feel part of something bigger.

That is the point of travel: to feel what we normally do not and to transform.

EcoCamp Wins Pure Award Photo: Pedro Paredes


Why Are We Promoting Inclusive Travel?

According to the World Health Organization, some of the biggest barriers to inclusive travel include:

- Lack of Accessibility

- Lack of Involvement:

- Lack of Services

We want: no discrimination, equal opportunities, and tourism for everyone. This doesn't mean that we need to create something special, it means that the tourism sector includes everyone in its services.

We must have this conversation to improve. All of us. Adventure shouldn’t be possible only for a few; the world - and adventure - should be for all.

EcoCamp Wins Pure Award Photo: Pedro Paredes


Vote for Our Video to Have Your Say

Our video, Adventure is for All, is in the running for the Adventure in Motion award held by the Adventure Travel Association. If you believe that accessibility should be a valid part of the tourism industry, take a moment to watch our video and give it a ‘like’. Each like equals a vote. The top three videos will be highlighted at the Adventure Travel show in Italy in October, shown to the entire live audience. Now IS the time to get people talking!  Follow the link here to see our video and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

EcoCamp Wins Pure Award Photo: Pedro Paredes

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