From the 14th to the 18th September, EcoCamp had a special visit from the team of “Wild Hotels / Houses” (“Vilde Huse”), an original Danish TV show (of DR Kultur) that is broadcasted in Denmark and Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. As its name suggests, Wild Hotels features hotels which are located…in the wilderness.

Johnny the camera operator is standing in front of EcoCamp It's a nice day to shoot, isn't it?

Camila (TV show planner), Johnny (camera operator) and Mads (host) came from Copenhagen with a deep interest in finding out more about the sustainable concept behind EcoCamp and the beauty of its surroundings. The TV show will be released in December and, having witnessed the work they have done during their 4-day stay, we are sure the result will be outstanding!

Johnny camera operator is filming during the evening briefing with the guides at Ecocamp Special briefing time for our guides Adriana and Pablo.
Johnny, the camera operator, is using a rock for a stable shooting. Who said that filming and hunting had nothing in common?
Johnny camera operator and Mads the host are staring at the immensity of Patagonia "That, my friend, is the perfect definition of immensity"
Johnny camera operator and Mads the host staring at a wild guanaco Patagonia Smile, guanaco! You are being filmed.
Guanaco Torres del Paine Our friend Guanaco doesn't know it yet, but he will soon be famous in Europe!
Guanaco Dead in Torres del Paine That was a guanaco...some time ago.
Camila, Mads and Johnny Patagonia Camila, Mads and Johnny, the DR-K team from Copenhagen, never stopped smiling!

Always buzzing with a good mood and great sense of humour, Camila, Johnny and Mads managed to capture the best of EcoCamp! After days of experiencing the tough winds and rain of Patagonia, we were all glad to enjoy the sunshine while walking through the land of guanacos. And, even though we did not see a puma, get ready for some surprises!

Yoga in Torres del Paine Preparing the camera in the quietness of the yoga dome.
Timothy interviewed Interviewed in the community dome.
Bike tour at Ecocamp Bike adventure at the foot of the mountain!

Opportunely, their stay coincided with the “Fiestas Patrias”, a national day of celebration in Chile. For this occasion, EcoCamp organized a traditional “asado” (barbecue) in one of the most beautiful places of Torres del Paine National Park: Laguna Azul.  Much more than taking part in scenic trekking adventures and relaxing yoga sessions, they shared what makes Ecocamp so unique: happiness!

Happiness at Ecocamp It's sometimes hard to stay serious, especially during a barbecue
Some action at Ecocamp Timothy and Ivana gave a special concert at the Ecobar...which has been immortalized on the camera!

For their last night at EcoCamp, we had a small party at the EcoBar, enjoying a special concert – organized by members of staff – and Mate, a traditional hot drink of Patagonia. We took advantage of this moment to ask them what they best enjoyed at EcoCamp. Here is what they replied:

Camila: “I really like the fact that in the evening, the guests get together, because there’s no WiFi and no internet connection, so you get to talk to each other, and you learn a lot about each other.”

Johnny: “I’ve visited many hotels, and I think you’ve got the best tourist profile. You know what the guests want, here we can enjoy great long tours and get together at night, that’s great!”

Mads: “All the staff have been wonderful, I have so many new friends, and I learnt how to make a fire. Oh, and…at some point, I realized I was not desperately addicted to my mobile and WiFi, and I suddenly realized that I could stay here forever!”

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