At EcoCamp, we’ve always believed videos are a powerful tool to inspire and…change the world. Most people on Earth live in big cities with no regular contact with wild places. By watching wildlife documentaries or adventure short films, humans can develop a sense of empathy and increase their interest for the outdoors. In the end, such content is a way for the audience to connect with nature more.

Because all humans on the planet are currently experiencing times of uncertainty from home, we want to offer some time to escape and get inspired with a selection of our favorite videos. All of them promote a lifestyle we stand for and were shot from EcoCamp by resident filmmaker Timothy Dhalleine. Enjoy the trip!

1. A Path

“A Path” has a powerful, important message (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler) and some spectacular footage of the rugged landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park. It features Finnish Actor Jasper Pääkkönen (Vikings, BlacKkKlansman) as he hikes to the summit of “Cerro Paine”. Apart from being a renowned actor, Pääkkönen is a conservationist that advocates for the protection of the wild fish in Finland. “A Path” is an urge to go back to nature to protect the only planet we inhabit.

2.  Adventure is for All

At the age of 18, Álvaro Silberstein had a tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. But his passion for the outdoors never died and years later, he made history while doing Patagonia's most famous trek (the W Trek in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile) in a wheelchair. Alvaro and his friends founded “Wheel the World”, an organization that quickly grew to make the world more accessible to wheelchair users. An inspiring short film that won two international awards, “Best Adventure Travel Film” at the “Adventure in Motion” contest (Montecatini Terme, Italy, 2018) and “Best Video by a Professional of Tourism” at the “Trophées de la Vidéo Touristique” (Cannes, France, 2019)

3. The Circuit

One of the world’s most spectacular hiking trails, the “O” Circuit (also called “O Trek” due to its shape on the map) is the best hiking option if you want to disconnect from the civilization and challenge yourself on some rugged terrain. “The Circuit” follows Australian photographer Robert King as he hikes the “O Trek”. A story of transformation where Robert faces a moving reality through some incredible landscapes.

4. One Simple Journey : A Winter W Trek

Most experienced hikers know the “W Trek” as one of the most popular hikes on Earth. It is definitely the most renowned multiday hike in Patagonia, with every day a new highlight of Torres del Paine National Park. But few people know how wild this hike is in Winter, with about 30 centimeters of snow in the valleys (the use of crampons is compulsory) and (very) few people on the trails. “One Simple Journey” shows how epic the hike here in Winter months (between May and August) and featured the story of a local guide, Roberto Carlos Bahamonde, which gives the video a whole another meaning.

5. Silences

“Silences” is a music video. No voice-over here: only the raw expression of the Earth with some spectacular footage of Patagonia, from North to South. The video was made as a music tribute to “the imposing silences of Patagonia, the southernmost region on Earth with some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.” Seat down and enjoy.

Bonus : Torres del Paine National Park, Right Now

Want some nature? Listen to the melody of the wind and the birds of Patagonia as they sing: Welcome to Torres del Paine National Park, right now.

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