In the world of Adventure Travel, storytelling and authenticy matter more than modernity and the world's 1st geodesic hotel - EcoCamp Patagonia - understood it. The sustainable hotel, located in Patagonia's finest National Park in Chile, took the decision to produce its own quality content with inspiring videos and awesome photography. This is the best way to share emotions while spreading the word about topics that matter.

With small budget and big ideas, EcoCamp aims to inspire travelers accross the world choose a more sustainable, responsible way to travel. The hotel also wants to tell stories that are happening in its surroundings - Torres del Paine National Park - to inspire viewers experiencing the outdoors. This is a short list of EcoCamp's most notable videos.


1. Adventure is For All



Winner of the "Adventure in Motion" International Video Contest at the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2018 in Tuscany, Italy. Inclusion matters and disability should not be a limit to exploration. This is what this short documentary about an incredible story of inclusion in the wilds of Patagonia is about. The video tells the story of Alvaro Silberstein, who became the first person in a wheelchair to ever hike the W Trek in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park. After an effective crowdfunding campaign and with the support of local tourism organizations, Alvaro and his friends bought the "Joëlette" wheelchair that is now at EcoCamp, allowing changing other people's lives. This documentary is a beautiful example of how anything is possible whenever you want it. Produced in 2018.


2. Deeper than Nature



Traveling should be much more than happiness. The need to explore is something humans have deep inside and at EcoCamp, we are convinced traveling has an incredible power of transformation. Through Deeper than Nature, EcoCamp gave voice to its guests. No matter the age and the physical conditions : all travelers have something to learn. And somewhere as beautiful and mystic as Patagonia, this teaching becomes much stronger. Produced in 2016.


3. Inside Patagonia



For some reason, Patagonia has a unique power of attraction. Some stay and never leave. Some leave but Patagonia stay inside them forever. This is a tribute to the world's end through the poem of one of EcoCamp's trekking guides, Xabier Etxarri. The video follows a group of W Trek hikers as they follow the trails of Torres del Paine National Park in the heart of Autumn. Raw and beautiful. Produced in 2018.


4. Towers and Domes



Amyr Klink is one of the most fascinating sailors and explorers of the history. Born and raised in Brazil, he became the first person to row accross the South Atlantic in 1984, leaving from Namibia and arriving 100 days later in Salvador, Brazil. He also did the first circumnavigation of the Antartic continent on his own in 79 days in 1988. He sailed from Antartica to the Arctic in in 642 days in 1989. In 2016, Amyr traveled to Patagonia where he discover EcoCamp and fell in love with the majestic landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park. "Tower and Domes" highlights the importance of a more simple form of making tourism and the beauty of Patagonia through the eyes of an incredible person. Produced in 2016.


5. The Eco Secrets of EcoCamp Patagonia


EcoCamp Patagonia is well-known around the world for its commitment to Sustainability. This video is the best way to understand how the hotel is commited to supporting conservation, working with the local community, promoting the local culture while being a viable business. In less than 10 minutes, you will hear about all the awesome projects EcoCamp is leading in Patagonia. Did you say "inspiration"? Produced in 2017.

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