With long days spent at home, parents are searching for fun activities to keep their kids occupied and help them continue learning. To assist families, the team at EcoCamp Patagonia has put together a list of fun and easy ways  to teach kids about Patagonia.

Patagonia is an important region to learn about. It’s home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, giant glaciers, beautiful rivers and an abundance of outdoor adventures. Even if we’re stuck inside now, let’s continue teaching the next generation about the world’s most marvelous outdoor spaces and why it’s so important to protect them. 


1. Download and Print a Free Coloring Book

Kids can’t get enough of this downloadable coloring book! EcoCamp's new coloring book features seven animals native to the region of Patagonia. It’s a great way for kids to get creative and learn about the characteristics of the different animals. 

Click, download and print now! 



2. Practice Sustainable Actions at Home

As we teach children about the beauty of the natural world, it’s important that we also teach them how to protect it. If we can instill the practice of useful sustainable actions from an early age, the next generation will be informed, prepared and equipped to save outdoor spaces and deal with future environmental challenges. 

Teach your children about recycling through a simple, hands-on activity:

1. Have your child decorate and label different bins for glass, plastic, organic compost and cardboard. 

2. Explain the differences in material and where each recyclable goes. 

3. Ask your child to search through the house for different recyclables and have him/her sort those recyclables into different bins. 

4. Once all the items are correctly sorted, give out a special prize!


3. Bake Pan Amasado with Calafate Jam

Kids love cooking and there’s no better recipe than Chile’s warm and delicious countryside bread, also known as pan amasado. Read a simple recipe here. 

ecocamp panamasado

During teatime (also known as once), locals love to snack on a piece of pan amasado and pair it with jam, cheese, avocado or sliced deli meat. If possible, we recommend pairing your bread with calafate jam, made from native Patagonian berries. While your kids are enjoying their tasty homemade bread, tell them about the unique legend of the Calafate berry. Learn more about the legend here.


4. Decorate a Walking Stick

Hiking is a popular activity down in Patagonia. Hundreds of trails and endless viewpoints draw in hikers of all ages and abilities. Here at EcoCamp, we host kids as young as 6 years old and introduce them to some of the world’s most beautiful outdoor spaces and activities. 

For your child’s future adventure to Patagonia, have them decorate a walking stick. It’s a fun and useful craft for kids who are curious to explore the great outdoors. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A sturdy branch or stick 

  • Biodegradable paint


1. Have your child search the yard for a sturdy branch or stick. We encourage you to look for a fallen one in the grass, instead of cutting from a tree.

2. Then have your child decorate the walking stick with fun patterns and designs.

3. Afterwards, your child can use the walking stick to explore. For now, exploration might be your backyard and in the future, it might be beautiful Patagonia.

Bonus: While decorating a walking stick, teach your child about the importance of caring for our trails through an introduction to the basic principles of “Leave No Trace.” 


5. Learn Spanish

The earlier a child can learn a foreign language, the better! There are many cognitive advantages and it allows your child to get in touch with a new culture.

Take advantage of extra free time by helping your child learn Spanish, the main and widely-spoken language in Patagonia and other parts of the world. There are plenty of simple games and songs that will help your child learn the Spanish basics. Introduce useful YouTube channels, basic books or learning websites to help your child grasp this new language.

dome ecocamp family

Like what you’re reading? Check out the rest of EcoCamp’s blog for more posts about Patagonia or go to the blog of our parent company, Cascada Expediciones, for posts about the rest of Chile, as well as parts of Argentina and Bolivia.

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