“Which month is the best to visit Patagonia? You probably already Googled it. Most articles will probably say summer or early autumn, but you have only the opportunity to travel in September! So, how is September in Patagonia, and what is happening that month of interesting things?

This article will help you answer these questions.


September weather in Torres del Paine

We are focusing on Torres del Paine National Park and providing you with the historically accurate average temperature for September. This will help you plan your trip with confidence, knowing what to expect from the weather.

Average daylight hours are 11 hours, with sunrise starting at 8 am and sunset at 19.40. In September, the days a little by little getting longer and longer in minutes.  Weatherwise is considered a cold and breezy month, with a 37% chance of rain and temperatures around 40°Farhenheit/5°Celsius at its highest and 29°F/-3°C at its lowest. 

It is important to note that Torres del Paine has many microclimates. In some areas, it rains more than others; some areas are windier than others, etc. Hiking up in the mountains and valleys is obviously colder, and in September, there might be days with a lot of snow when doing the Base of the Towers. 

You can see how the weather was in September 2023, where the highest temperature reached 50 °F/10°C. 

So, September is a chilly month with cold temperatures. But no worries—we have the perfect packing list, so you know exactly what to pack for your Patagonia adventure.



What to do inside the national park, Torres del Paine 

The national park is open all year round, but during low season, some activities run less frequently, like the boat rides. In the in-season, the ferry going to the Grey Glacier sails every day, but in September, it only sails on specific days of the week. The same goes for the boat, taking people to the Paine Grande Refugio to do the French Valley hike. 

In our Wildlife Safari program, we offer different options each day, and our experienced guides also recommend which activities are the best according to weather conditions and availability. 

All the viewpoints, shorter hikes, and the Base of the Towers hike can be done normally. For safety reasons, during low season, it is required to do the hikes with a certified guide. See some of these pictures taken in 2023 from the Base of the Towers hike! This is why September is a month when you need to bring your best hiking boots and maybe crampons (we can help you find where to rent if you don't have one). 

September still marks the transition from winter to spring, and the beauty of the snow-covered mountains is still present. You might even have snow on the ground, making beautiful contrast photos of wildlife! 



What is happening in Torres del Paine in September 

In September, a lot of events are happening in Magallanes and around the National Park, some of the biggest being running events. The Patagonian International Marathon, which takes place on September 7th, attracts hundreds of people around the world. The classic race distances are 42km (marathon), 21km (half-marathon), and 10km. Registration is still open if this is something you would like to participate in. 

At EcoCamp, we have designed the perfect Marathon program and take care of all the logistics. We are opening on September 7th, the same day as the event, and we will bring you directly from the event to EcoCamp, where you will be able to relax and enjoy a well-deserved dinner. In the following days, you can choose between different activities from our Wildlife Safari program.

On the 28th to 29th of September, another running event takes place, the Ultra Paine, which is a trail running event. Here, you can choose between 7K, 14K, 21K, 35K, and 80 Kilometers, running through breathtaking landscapes. We have designed a similar program for this trail running event as well, taking care of all logistics and where you will have days to enjoy the national park. 

MARATHON 2022_resultado-1

The celebration of Chile’s National Day

Chile's Independence Day, known as "Fiestas Patrias" or "Dieciocho" (Eighteenth), is celebrated on September 18th. It marks the anniversary of Chile's independence from Spanish rule and is, by many, considered more important than any other event in Chile, even bigger than Christmas. Despite being just one date, this event is celebrated for almost a week.

This is why September is a very interesting month to be in Chile. You will get to experience, see, and taste Chilean culture and witness how Chileans celebrate their independence with parties, traditional dances, great food, and happiness! In EcoCamp, we also celebrate the day, and who knows—maybe you will learn to dance our traditional dance, “cueca.” 

Banderas-2-min-min (1)


Puma Watching in September

You might already know that Torres del Paine National Park is the best place in the world to look for pumas. Pumas do not migrate, so this is an all-year-round activity. 

For photographers, taking pictures of wildlife is better in the off-season months when the days are shorter and the light is less sharp compared to the summer months. For puma trackers, the search is also often easier in the off-season for the same reasons mentioned, but also because the puma is more active when it is cold, making it easier to spot them. When it is summer and warm and windy, the pumas tend to be less active and hide in the shadows or in caves. 

EcoCamp is located in an area where the biggest concentration of pumas are found and where it is the easiest to spot them. If you are interested in puma spotting, we have a puma-watching program where our expert guides take you on an exciting puma search inside and around the national park to find the elusive puma. 


Low season is fewer people and more magic

September is still the low season in Patagonia, especially in the region of Magallanes. Some places, like hotels and restaurants, are still not opening because the majority of visitors are arriving from October and ahead. This means fewer people inside the national park, which, during the summer months, is usually more crowded, especially on the highlight trails like the Base of the Towers, French Valley, and the Grey Glacier. 

Exploring the national park with fewer people feels like a more intimate experience; it's more silent and magical. On the trails, you will only see a few people, giving you more privacy at the viewpoints. 


EcoCaomp in September

As mentioned, September can still be quite chilling, and in EcoCamp, expect minus degrees in the early morning. It is therefore important to bring warm clothes, good hiking shoes, and, for chilly nights, a good pajama. For accommodation, we recommend domes that have heathers or wood stoves, like the Suites domes and the Superior domes.  

The standard domes do not have any heathers, but we provide warm covers and hot water. In our community dome, we will have the heathers on, and you will find cozy blankets you can use when relaxing on our comfortable couches. 


Interested in experiencing EcoCamp and Patagonia in September? Send us an e-mail, and we will help plan your next adventure! Reservations@cascada.travel 



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