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Argentina and Chile’s lovechild known as Patagonia is a paradisiacal destination in the Southern part of America. Picturesque spots, glaciers that capture the attention of the world and rocky enclosures giving it an allure like no other, Patagonia is one of the most exotic locations of the world. Patagonia is filled with hiking trails that are sure to leave you mesmerized, also resulting in a temptation to click as many pictures as possible to share on your Instagram account. Whether or not you’ve been to Patagonia, it’s Instagrammed locations will grab hold of your mind enough to make you want to see it again. Here are some of the most Instagrammed places of Patagonia.


1. The Marble Caves

Have you ever wanted to sail your boat through a pristine waterbody that has caves built in phenomenal formations? Your answer lies in the magnificent Marble Caves of Patagonia, where the rock formations within the General Carrerra Lake have colours of white, grey and yellow splashed about its swiveling formations. The colours beautifully contrast with the blue of the water, making it the number one photographic location in Patagonia. Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour in a boat while looking at the mesmeric rocks?


2. O’Higgins Glacier

Glaciers are so comfortable in Patagonia that you’d find too many of their photos on your Instagram feed. Located in the area of the remotest part of Chile, Villa O’Higgins is a boater’s favourite love interest. The majestic pictures of this sprawling, explorable glacier are just as popular on Instagram as the location itself is in Patagonia. You also get to sip some wine during your tour with glacier ice floating in it. Now that’s certainly a pretty great picture for your Instagram.


3. Cerro Torre

There’s your picture-perfect hiking trail Torres del paine (mountain range) of Patagonia, one of the serene locations on Earth. This is possibly the most popular tourist destination of the area with a high altitude of 3128 m (10,262 ft.), and once you’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, you’d get a glimpse of the beauty. The trek is quite a challenging one but worth it because it gives an enchanting view of the mountains, shining glaciers and waterfalls. Photo ops are perched around the trail at the prettiest of locations and you’d get some really cool pictures too.


4. Torres del Paine

You might have this thing in your bucket list: to be in two places at Mt. Fitzroy and at amazing Torres del Paine. The unimaginable beauty attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. The blue glaciers, greenery and the scenes that seems unmatchable on earth providing exotic sites to view with some quite difficult but one o the best trekking routes to undertake. This mountain range consists of many different type of ecosystems and is a wide collection of mesmerizing landscapes. So, why wait pack up your bags and reach out to click the best pictures and post it out making your friends jealous by the pictures posted indicating that you witnessed such wonder.


5. Mt. Fitzroy

Another one of Patagonia’s hiking and trekking trails is Mt. Fitzroy situated in southern area of Patagonia and is one of the most challenging ones too. It gives a great view of the of the sunrise and Cerro Torre is one of the viewpoints at the mountain other famous peaks/sites include Lago del los Tres, Rio Electrico, Refugio Troncos etc. The mountains blend into a brilliant red and orange with the sunrays streaming over them, and you’d be able to click some wonderful pictures through the viewpoint and the forests that come during the trek.


6. John Gardner Path

If trekking is your favourite pastime in the entire world, check out some of the best photographs of Paso John Gardner, which is also the toughest hiking trail in Patagonia. Get pictures of the Patagonia Ice Field at the end of the trek, which has been a popular tourist destination and results in some exquisite photos for your next Instagram post. Hashtag it as the prettiest point of Patagonia and you’d find so many more of Paso John Gardner.

7. Exploradores Glacier

An explorer explores the glacier of Exploradores, and if you’ve got your special 12-megapixel camera, your phone would be pictures galore. The Exploradores Glacier is of such beauty that some of the locals are still busy discovering the depths of it till date. A traveller would love to delve into the hidden spots where even the residents of Patagonia haven’t been, so it should definitely be on your list. Wouldn’t it be great to get pictures of the underexplored regions of a glacier and make your friends jealous?

Glaciers of Patagonia have a special place in the hearts of travellers who’d rather live in the Rocky Mountains than the bustling and noisy cities of the world. Once you’ve seen Patagonia, there is nothing you wouldn’t want to see one more time.

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