Back in 2001, university friends Javier Lopez and Yerko Ivelic, along with kayaking instructor Nani Astorga, did something unheard of.

They designed, built and opened the world’s first geodesic dome hotel. It's a special design with a special concept, strongly promoting sustainability, adventure travel and a connection to nature and the community. Today, we know this magical place as EcoCamp Patagonia and every year the hotel attracts like-minded travelers from around the world to take part in our unique travel experience. We offer a range of programs, showing the best of Patagonia in English and Spanish.

EcoCamp rests in the heart of beautiful Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Patagonia, with perhaps one of the best views in the park. At EcoCamp, we are so proud of what we've accomplished so far and love to cherish all the amazing memories that we've made. Let’s look back at some of our favorite moments in EcoCamp history:


Remembering How it all Began

EcoCamp was designed and constructed with the idea of “leaving no trace.” It is a concept inspired by the Kawésqar indigenous people, who were the original inhabitants of Patagonia and lived a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

To make this vision possible, the team came up with a design that had minimal impact on the environment, constructing without concrete and connecting the domes with wooden pathways to prevent erosion to the land. They thought of simple, sustainable practices such as compost toilets, hydro and solar energy sources and limited wi-fi and electricity. With unique ideas and one-of-a-kind experiences, EcoCamp has grown into something wonderful and is full of future potential. 

EcoCamp was strongly influenced by the spirit and ideas of the Kaweskar people EcoCamp was strongly influenced by the spirit and ideas of the Kaweskar people, a nomadic, indigenous group that once occupied Southern Patagonia.
construction of EcoCamp
Together, a team of dedicated individuals helped construct EcoCamp Patagonia.
EcoCamp rainbow
Fast forward to 2019 and EcoCamp Patagonia is striving! Travelers love our variety of unique domes, including the Yoga Dome, Bar Dome, Community Dome and more.


Spotting Nature’s Beautiful Creatures

Something we love about EcoCamp is its close proximity to unique plant and wildlife. Our helpful and experienced guides love to bring travelers to different spots in the park to witness the many magnificent creatures that wander the land.

Patagonia Animals
A guanaco caring for her young.
Grey Fox Patagonia
An incredible grey fox sighting!
Puma in Torres del Paine
The magnificent puma -- one of our favorite wild creatures in Torres del Paine.


Giving Everyone an Opportunity to Explore

EcoCamp is remote and wild, with rocky trails and a backdrop of natural landscapes. We understand that this type of experience may make it difficult for certain travelers to come and visit. That’s why we do everything in our power to provide inclusive travel opportunities -- so everybody can have an adventure.

All types of travelers come to EcoCamp -- those that are young, old, in a group or by themselves. We even have a special trekking wheelchair that helps individuals with disabilities hike the trails. To learn more, check out our award-winning short video about inclusive travel.

Special Trekking wheelchair EcoCamp
Meet Jake: He had a blast in Torres del Paine and loved using our special trekking wheelchair!
Family Torres del Paine
We encourage families with kids to come and experience beautiful Torres del Paine. There is no better classroom than the great outdoors!
Couple in patagonia
We love watching all types of travelers come to EcoCamp and make unforgettable memories.


Watching People Come Together

At EcoCamp, we like to say “there’s no wifi here, but the connection is better.” That's because we are constantly encouraging our travelers to connect with one another. It’s so much better than looking at a cellphone!

Communal meals take place in the Community Dome, and we also promote group activities and special events to bring new people together and make memorable connections.

Dinner in EcoCamp
Toasting during a delicious meal served in our Community Dome.
Love in Patagonia
We are so honored to have witnessed a beautiful EcoCamp wedding.
Trek Group in Patagonia
A group comes together for a photo at the base of the towers.


Savoring the Good Times and Epic Adventures

From kayaking alongside Grey Glacier to conquering the W Trek to searching for pumas, our activities definitely feel more like adventures. We have all types of programs and experiences for travelers with unique interests and abilities. At EcoCamp you can pick your own adventure!  

Ice Climbing Patagonia
A little bit of ice climbing!
Torres del Paine
An epic photo by the towers.

We love looking back at these wonderful moments! It's been a great ride so far, and we can't wait to see what's in store for the future. Learn more about EcoCamp programs, an epic chance to experience Patagonia in English or in Spanish.

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