Tim has been out and about with his camera, and here are some of our favorite photos he has taken so far this autumn.  May they inspire you as much as they inspire us (and we live here!).

Why visit Patagonia in Autumn?

Patagonia in autumn is like nothing you have seen before, a time when the leaves wave like flames in the sky and the crowds disappear, leaving a barren, sparse landscape dotted with galloping guanacos, towering snow-covered peaks, and beautiful foliage as far as the eye can see. This season draws seasoned and amateur photographers who snap up the colors and the animals with happy DSLR's, revelling in the fact that the fauna are so much more abundant and inquisitive outside of the busy season.

loica chile A Loica lingers on the fence drinking in the crisp autumn air
A boat of giggly backpackers goes up close to the calving Glacier Grey A boat of giggly backpackers goes up close to the calving Glacier Grey
Trekking Torres del Paine Trekking to the Towers beneath trees with just a hint of autumn hue
Climbing Cerro Paine Climbing up the steep sides of Cerro Paine
bagual horses Wild horses, ¨baguales¨, march on while our small group lingers back
Sea Lions Sea lions slumber and grizzle from the rocks
Guanacos Torres del Paine Guanacos huddle together and keep a watchful eye out
Domes EcoCamp The trees around EcoCamp domes flicker with color
Grey Glacier Seeing the Grey Glacier loom on the horizon is one of life's great moments
The Towers The Towers take on an ethereal quality beneath the autumn sunshine.
Local Farmers EcoCamp buys directly from local farmers
The Valley Patagonia The valley slices through the mountains like sharp paper


If You Go... 

Be sure to remember your layers, breathable fabrics, good shoes and be prepared for all weather. Our sister blog over at Cascada Expediciones has some fantastic information about each of the seasons and what gear you should bring so make sure you give those a read.

And, just in case you want to binge a bit more on Patagonia, here is a bonus video taken when the explorer and writer, Amyr Klink, visited us at EcoCamp. Enjoy!


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