It’s February 14th, which means love is in the air. All the red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and cheesy Hallmark cards make it hard to ignore that Valentine’s Day vibe. But we don’t you to! In fact, we want to help you spice up your love life with a little vacation inspiration. Learn why Patagonia is the perfect couples destination. 

Couple in Torres del Paine


Natural Beauty

Patagonia is a popular destination due to the incredible landscapes. You can see waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, blue rivers, lush forests and more. Favorite spots to visit include, Torres del Paine National Park, the marble caves and the region’s many glaciers. 

This place is unreal and there are so many great photo opportunities. It's a perfect place to capture incredible memories with the person you love. There’s even been a fair share of engagements and weddings here! 

Marriage Proposal in Torres del Paine


A Physical Challenge

Patagonia is the hub for adventure sports and outdoor activities. You can kayak, rock climb, cycle, hike and more. There are many one-day activities, as well as multi-day adventures.

Two of the most famous treks are the W and O circuits in Torres del Paine National Park. These treks can last between 5 and 9 days, allowing travelers to experience all the natural wonders in the park. 

Challenge your partner to a new adventure or outdoor activity. It’s a great feeling to conquer a big physical challenge, especially when accompanied by the person you love. Bicycle in torres del paine


An Opportunity to Relax

Patagonia is a fantastic place to relax and connect to nature. Sometimes you need to escape your problems and daily stress to really enjoy quality time with your significant other. There are plenty of opportunities to receive a massage, take a nature walk or participate in a yoga or meditation class.

Check out the options available at EcoCamp Patagonia. There are daily yoga and meditation classes for beginner and advanced students. Additionally, there is a six-day yoga retreat in Torres del Paine. This experience gives travelers the chance to really relax and enjoy Patagonia in a new way. Yoga in Torres del Paine


World-Class Wine and Cuisine

Enjoy incredible food and wine with your significant other. Patagonia draws from two of the world's favorite wine producers, Chile and Argentina. Travelers love to indulge in a glass or two, and many end up bringing a bottle back in their suitcase.

Additionally, there is a variety of fresh and flavorful food in the region. Many dishes incorporate lamb, seafood or Bariloche's famous chocolate. Click here to learn more about Patagonia's cuisine. 

Meal in Torres del Paine EcoCamp

Patagonia mixes scenery, adventure, relaxation and luxury into one fabulous trip. It is the perfect place to bring your partner and an amazing way to keep the romance and adventure alive.

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