EcoCamp is a photogenic place. The world's first geodesic hotel is located in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia's most beautiful national park, also known at "the eighth wonder of the world". But the incredible beauty of the location doesn't only have to do with nature.

The domes were designed in a sustainable way, in order to have a very low ecological footprint. They are decorated with local products and handicrafts, in a way that creates a warm atmosphere. Travelers feel like they're at home while being far away from home. And in such an inspiring place, travelers from around the world got inspired and shared their beautiful photographs through their Instagram.

These are some of the best travelers' pictures of EcoCamp Patagonia we've found on Instagram.

1. Inside a Suite Dome

"After over two and a half months of camping and sleeping in hostels this cozy dome was more than welcomed!" says U.S. Photographer Michael Taylor Burk

2. There's Love in the Air

"Home Sweet Home for the next few days" says traveler Julia Flabat. The welcome dome is the first dome you'll see while reaching EcoCamp...and maybe the most beautiful one!

3. Outside a Suite Dome

"There are so many ways to experience this incredible scenery, but there is only one place that provides you with front row seats to the epic peaks of Torres Del Paine, a little bit of luxury and a whole lot of adventure. Imagine falling asleep to the crackling fire in the comfort of your geodesic dome, and waking up for sunrise to see the peaks of Torres Del Paine light up in light hues of oranges and purples. This is only the beginning of a day that continues to show you remarkable natural beauty from mountain lakes and waterfalls to wildlife sightings and bright blue glaciers. These three days of being disconnected from the world were probably my most connected days this year. So grateful for this experience @ecocamp" says @thenomadicpeople

4. A (Very) Special Wedding


Fun Facts! Our wedding day consisted of: heavy snow storms, no heat, no electricity, no mirrors, hobbit sized doors, 15km hikes, 50mph winds, and so much love! 💕 says Lina Melh

5. Relaxing Somewhere Nice

Whether you want to read a book (there are many available here), have a cup of tea or simply enjoy quietness, the living dome is the place to be. One of the four community domes Eddy Pappeo and his family had the pleasure to enjoy.

6. Dome Life

"Not only was our stay at @ecocamp in Patagonia SO dreamy and amazing, we also loved learning all the efforts and actions EcoCamp is making towards sustainability.  Their motto is to “come together in harmony with nature” and that’s exactly what they do. 🌱
EcoCamp believes the present and future of tourism is GREEN, which includes the use of renewable energy, low impact on the environment design, and more unique sustainable practices.
As travelers it is SO important we do our part to help protect these beautiful places we are traveling to. Two ways we always try to do this are by supporting brands that support the Earth, and ALWAYS practicing Leave No Trace when we travel! 🙌🏽" says @mahnatravel

8. "Grateful"

Maria Velenzuela enjoying the Yoga dome on a full moon - always a very special time to be at EcoCamp!

9. A the Right Time (at the Right Place)

A casual sunset at EcoCamp. These light conditions, with the sun ray finding its way through the granite towers, happens only a few days every year and @hi__momento was lucky enough to be there.

10. A Spirit of Freedom

A cozy place somewhere spectacular. It is worth being happy, according to @wellnesstraveled

11. A Well-Deserved Cocktail

"It’s a fact, cocktails taste best after a 14 mile hike" says @brittanyjean777

12. Autumn is Beautiful

...and colorful too (well captured by @thismattexists)

13. Current Mood

"Bad weater = cosy times. I wish I could have a dome like this in my garden one day! We got so lucky to stay at this luxury place last year during our trip to Torres Del Paine in Patagonia. Cosy, yoga, nature & great food. What else can you need?" says joelie_vdh

14. Current Mood #2

Tea also tastes better in Patagonia, according to @joacajuda

15. Lenticular EcoCamp

"Love comes in many shapes and forms and perhaps one of the greatest myths we tell ourselves is that love will always be easy. That it will always feel good. But equal and counter to that same coin that fills us and allows us to reach levels of bliss is it's ability to collapse our bodies and grip our chests in a vice. In these moments, climbing to a higher perspective and looking down to see that you and the world around you is just fine. In fact, it's better than fine, it's wholly beautiful." says photographer @sashajuliard while looking at Patagonia's lenticular clouds over EcoCamp

16. Early Morning at EcoCamp

"Early mornings at EcoCamp, sitting in the warm sunshine and reminiscing about life and all the incredible memories we have been able to create together.
Nash and I have been dating for 8 years and every year we feel more connected and more in love yet somehow further away from figuring life out. When I was a child I always thought that once I reach my late 20’s everything would magically make sense and I would miraculously know what I want in or from life. Yet the only thing I know for certain is that I am happily lost with you." says @thenomadicpeople while enjoying a cup of tea at the Welcome Dome (why not)

17. "Grateful"

I can only think of one word: GRATEFUL! says @waterthruskin in her suite dome

18. Connection

On the way to the "Man Keokén" massage room, a place to relax...and to connect. As we often say, at EcoCamp there is no WiFi but a great connection! Shot by @merveceranphoto

19. "Wine Not?"

Travelers often say that wine tastes better in Patagonia. Even better with a beautiful snow at EcoCamp. "Thank you Ecocamp for the amazing and unique experience! Truly in love with this place!" says

20. Milky Way

"Those Patagonian skies we've heard so much about.... This is the Milky Way rising above our awesome Suite dome at EcoCamp" says @nomadasaurus...definitely a "million-star" hotel, isn't it?


If you want more pictures, explore EcoCamp Patagonia in pictures, follow us on Instagram and/or or book a trip to Torres del Paine to take the pictures yourself!


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