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The actions of EcoCamp to become the 1st zero-waste hotel in Chile’s Patagonia

Global numbers are scary. According to the World Bank, 2.100 million tons of waste are produced in the world every day – enough to fill around...
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10 Movies That Will Make You Want to Protect Planet Earth Right Now

In 2020, the world changed – and will probably never be the same. Humans are facing times of uncertainty, and no one can say what will happen...
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The Best Documentaries Featuring Patagonia in 2020

  In these complex times of uncertainty when most humans are self-isolating, it has never been so important to redefine our connection with nature....
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The 5 Best Trekking Circuits in Patagonia

From the rugged peaks of Reserva Cerro Castillo (Aysen Region, Chile) to the giant glaciers of Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina), planning a...
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The Patagonia Way

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