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20 Beautiful Pictures of EcoCamp Patagonia Shot by Travelers

EcoCamp is a photogenic place. The world's first geodesic hotel is located in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia's most...
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What a Wildlife Safari With EcoCamp Looks Like : Full Guide (2023)

Torres del Paine national park has an incomparable amount of natural treasures awaiting to be discovered. And whereas many travelers choose to...
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The 2024/25 Season in Torres del Paine Will Start With an Epic Marathon and Ultra Trail

In 2012, the Patagonian International Marathon became the first marathon in Torres del Paine National Park. Since its successful first edition, the...
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The Most Beautiful Viewpoints in Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is a huge area of 227.298 hectares. Most people cross the entire planet to see the three granite spires that gave...
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Why There is No WiFi at EcoCamp (But a Great Connection)

More than a third of the world's population has never used the internet, according to the United Nations. It may sound like a lot, but 96% of these...
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Sustainable food is the future and EcoCamp proved it

What is sustainable food? While most people know that sustainability aims to protect the environment, few of us really know the huge negative impact...
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What is an EcoCamp Patagonia dome like?

Hey you! You want to stay in the world’s first geodesic hotel - EcoCamp Patagonia - but aren’t sure which dome fits your style? No worries, we are...
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Torres del Paine W Trek, Why Is It a Must?

The Torres del Paine W trek is a wonderful experience. The national park is one of the most beautiful places on earth: breathtaking landscapes,...
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Why Now Is The Best Time To Travel To Torres del Paine National Park

In Chile, our lives changed in March 2020 when the borders closed and we were asked to stay home. No one could have predicted a pandemic would hit us...
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The actions of EcoCamp to become the 1st zero-waste hotel in Chile’s Patagonia

Global numbers are scary. According to the World Bank, 2.100 million tons of waste are produced in the world every day – enough to fill around...
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Why Geodesic Domes Are Such Incredible Structures

When EcoCamp Patagonia was built in 2001, it was the world’s first geodesic hotel. What does that mean? Before that year no other hotel in the world...
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The Best Easy Excursions in Torres del Paine National Park

If you’ve heard about Torres del Paine National Park, you’ve probably heard about some of Patagonia’s most spectacular hikes. Here, you can go on a...
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